Blocked Drains

One of the most common causes of the blocked drains is people throwing items like diapers, food waste, various small objects, dirt, cement, coffee beans, etc down their drains. When your drains have to carry more waste than they are able to handle, they will eventually get blocked. To keep your drains protected, don’t throw any additional household items down the drains. Drains often get blocked from fat, oil or grease buildup as well. If you are pouring oil down the drain, some of it will stick to the drain pipe and over a certain period of time, drains will get narrower and narrower, until they get completely blocked. Nothing but water, toilet paper and human waste should ever go down the drain. Our drainage engineers will help you unblock your drain and get them running again in no time!

How to spot blocked drain?

It’s really simple to spot a blocked drain on your property. Blocked drains are also really easy to unblock in most cases, but if you leave them untreated over a longer period of time, you might get some other, bigger issues in your drainage system. Here are a few signs of blocked drains on your property:

  • Water draining slowly after flushing
  • Bad smells near your drains
  • Rising water level in the toilet after flushing
  • Strange noises in the drain after flushing
  • More unusual behavior

Drain cleaning can help!

Our drain cleaning services will help you remove blockages in your drains and depending on how severe your drain blockage is, our drain specialists will recommend best drain cleaning method for you. Sometimes, simple drain unblocking is more than enough to get rid of drain blockage, but sometimes, if your drains are fully blocked, we might recommend different methods, like for example drain jetting. Drain jetting is a drain cleaning method where drains are unblocked with the help of the high-pressure water. This is the most efficient drain cleaning method, but in some cases, it is unecessary. You can describe your drain blockage to us and we will tell you what you can do to get your toilet, bath, sink, etc. running perfectly!

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Drain Cleaning

Our team can help you clean your blocked drains with a fast and simple procedure within 24 hours after contacting us.

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Our drainage engineers can quickly inspect your drains, detect any drain problems and present best solutions.

CCTV Inspection

We can also carry out CCTV drainage inspection where we use our latest CCTV camera equipment for drain inspection.

Drain Repair

Our drainage engineers can help repair any drain problems for both business and private customers in London.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is a high-pressure water drain unblocking method. It’s highly effective and easy drain cleaning method.


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